Original.life  原创 . 生活

环球娃娃,不断创新和发展,形如我们充满想象空间的Logo , Globalkids愿在成长的分分秒秒、生活的点点滴滴与每个家庭紧密相连,希望同父母和孩子们一起找寻富有时代感的原创生活理念。

Every child is an original and has an unique and specific role to play on this world. When encouraged to develop their originality and individuality, children keep faith in themselves and keep pursuing dreams in life. The best gift you can give a child is the space to live their life and develop his or her unique potentials.

GLOBALKIDS pays much attention to creative ways and forms of development. This is reflected in the authentic shapes and spaces that appear in the logo. Representing connection and togetherness, the logo visualizes how GLOBALKIDS is involved in children‘s original life on a global level.

GLOBALKIDS feels a social responsibility to enable children all around the world to grow up in a safe environment. By developing and manufacturing quality children’s car seats with the best safety technology, GLOBALKIDS supports parents and children in living their original life.

GLOBALKIDS makes use of original soft cover and fabric designs which provides families to choose their original style. This way the creativity and the originality of every child will be maximally stimulated even at a young age.